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ERS-Cat Industrial Air Conditioners

Keep Your HVAC System Running 24/7 

May, 2024- As the need for temporary cooling solutions grows along the Gulf Coast, it's crucial to have reliable HVAC support. Whether you're dealing with planned maintenance or unexpected issues, Energy Rental Solutions-Caterpillar is here to provide the rental solutions you need.

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Prepare for Hurricane Season with ERS-Cat

Stay Ahead of the Storm | 7 Key Strategies for Hurricane Preparedness

April, 2024- Let us help you get ready with our emergency fleet. As the Gulf Coast braces for the upcoming hurricane season, Energy Rental Solutions- Caterpillar stands ready to provide the essential utility and power rental solutions needed for your projects. Read our seven key strategies to ensure you're prepared.

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3 Step Contingency Planning with ERS-Cat

Mitigating Risks | 3-Step Contingency Plan

March, 2024 - At ERS-Cat, we recognize the importance of preparedness in the face of potential risks and challenges. Our 3-step contingency plan is designed to help our clients identify, prevent, and mitigate crises, ensuring seamless operations even in adverse conditions.

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Efficient Cooling Tower Equipment Rentals

Why Cooling Towers Matter

March, 2024 - Cooling towers are used across all industries and play a crucial role from industrial and commercial applications to food and beverage facilities. Read about how their ability to efficiently dissipate heat makes them indispensable in today's world.

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Energy Rental Solutions - Caterpillar Back Pressure

Maximizing Air Compressor and Dryer Performance: The Importance of Back Pressure Control

August, 2023 - Why back pressure control is crucial for air compressors and dryers and how ERS-Cat ensures optimal functionality through our remote monitoring capability.

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ERS-Cat Safety Award

ERS - Cat Receives Best In Class Award for Safety Excellence

July, 2023 - Energy Rental Solutions - Cat was honored to win the Contractor’s Safety Award for Specialty Contractor II Best in Class at the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana Annual Banquet for the third consecutive year.

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ERS-Caterpillar offers Remote Monitoring on Equipment

ERS-Cat Remote Monitoring

July, 2023 - Energy Rental Solutions-Cat® offers remote monitoring which allows our customers to increase operational efficiency, minimize downtime and eliminate the unexpected while equipment is in operation. 

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ERS-Cat Spot Cooler Rental Benefits

Benefits of Renting Commercial and Industrial Spot Coolers

May, 2023 - Read about the benefits and applications of ERS-Cat Spot Coolers. With our range of units, ERS can help keep your facility cool and operating efficiently. Find out how!  

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Hurricane Prep Blog IMG NEW.jpg

Planning Ahead: Emergency Backup Power for Hurricane Season

October, 2022 - When natural disasters strike, strong winds, heavy rains, flooding, and possible tornados leave extensive damage in their wake. As hurricanes and disasters become more common, it is critical to have a plan in place to know what actions to take and identify the right equipment to ensure a safe and efficient recovery.

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ERS CAT Electrical Distribution Rentals

How Electrical Distribution Equipment Can Benefit Your Project

September, 2022 - Electrical distribution systems are used every day for businesses and projects that require power to keep them running smoothly. Renting electrical distribution equipment offers flexibility, cost savings, and convenience.

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ERS Safety Award.png

ERS Awarded Specialty Contractor II Best in Class

July, 2022 - Energy Rental Solutions Cat was honored to win the Contractor’s Safety Award for Specialty Contractor II Best in Class at the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana Annual Banquet.

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ERS Launches New Website

ERS Launches New Website

June, 2022 - We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Our goals for the new website were to improve the overall design of the website, enhance the overall user experience on the website, and provide user access to spec sheets and details on each piece of our equipment.

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Our Equipment

Power Generation


ERS carries generator rentals from 20kW to 2000kW in single units and can also support larger power projects. In addition to utilizing CAT generators in our fleet, we provide expert service for delivery and installation. ERS also carries a variety of power generation accessories for your project needs.

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Our temperature control fleet ranges from chiller rentals and air conditioner rentals to dehumidifier rentals and cooling rentals. We also carry a complete line of temperature control accessories to provide turnkey solutions for your rental project.

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As a leading supplier of rental air compressors throughout the Gulf Coast, ERS offers both diesel and electric air compressors as well as a range of compressed air accessories needed for your application.

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Electrical Distribution


ERS can design, deliver, and install an efficient and reliable electrical distribution system to meet your facility’s needs. This equipment can be rapidly installed and has great flexibility in configuration.


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