Benefits of Renting Temporary Commercial and Industrial Spot Coolers

May, 2023

At Energy Rental Solutions-Cat, we offer a wide range of spot coolers for industrial or commercial use. Our rentals include portable spot coolers, spot cooler AC units, and spot cooling systems. Our spot cooler portable air conditioner units are available in 1-ton, 2-ton, and 5-ton sizes.



Rent a 1-Ton Spot Cooler from ERS-Cat

Rent Spot Coolers from ERS-Cat

ERS Spot Cooler Benefits

ERS-Cat Industrial and Commercial Portable Spot Cooler Applications

Our industrial spot coolers are perfect for factories and warehouses where concentrated cooling is necessary. We also offer solutions for commercial spaces such as schools, banks, restaurants, hotels, retail stores and malls, churches, and hospitals. Our mobile spot coolers are perfect for events and temporary cooling needs. Other applications where our spot cooler air coolers can help provide temperature control are server rooms and IT rooms. Regardless of the application, these cooling solutions are designed to keep your critical equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Our Available Units

When it comes to temperature control of a space or directly cooling equipment hot spots, spot coolers are a great solution for a variety of applications.


ERS-Cat 1-Ton Spot Cooler Rentals

1-Ton Spot Coolers

Our 1-ton spot cooler is a powerful option that can be rented for a temporary or emergency cooling solution. These portable spot coolers are versatile and can be used in various settings, including commercial and industrial environments, server rooms or IT rooms, and factories. Spot cooling systems are designed to provide targeted cooling, making them an energy-efficient option.


ERS-Cat 2-Ton Spot Cooler Rentals

2-Ton Spot Coolers

ERS-Cat offers portable 2-ton temporary or emergency spot cooler rental solutions. These units are quick to cool medium-sized spaces and are energy-efficient, as they are designed to provide targeted cooling only where it's needed, reducing energy waste and utility costs. These units can be used for various commercial and industrial applications, including server rooms, IT rooms, small offices, jails, kitchens, etc.


ERS-Cat 5-Ton Spot Cooler Rentals

5-Ton Spot Coolers

With our 5-ton spot coolers, you can quickly and effectively cool a larger space, providing relief from the heat and humidity and protection for equipment. These units are easy to install and operate. Renting a 5-ton spot cooler is also a cost-effective solution, as you can avoid the expense of purchasing and maintaining a permanent cooling system. These portable air conditioning units are ideal for larger commercial and industrial spaces, including industrial control rooms, Motor Control Center (MCC) buildings, hospitals, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) rooms, and events.

Energy Rental Solutions-Cat For Your Emergency or Planned Cooling Needs

At ERS, we have multiple locations along the Gulf Coast to better serve our customers. You can find us near you from Texas to Louisiana to Mississippi for fast and reliable service. ERS can provide the temporary cooling equipment you need no matter the size of your project. We offer flexible rental options, long or short-term, to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our spot coolers and how we can help keep your facility cool and operating efficiently.


Our Equipment

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ERS carries generator rentals from 20kW to 2000kW in single units and can also support larger power projects. In addition to utilizing CAT generators in our fleet, we provide expert service for delivery and installation. ERS also carries a variety of power generation accessories for your project needs.

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ERS Temperature Control Solutions

Our temperature control fleet ranges from chiller rentals and air conditioner rentals to dehumidifier rentals and cooling rentals. We also carry a complete line of temperature control accessories to provide turnkey solutions for your rental project.

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