ERS Awarded Specialty Contractor II Best in Class

July 20, 2022 

“When you achieve one dream, dream another. Getting what you want is only a problem if you have nowhere to go next. Dreaming is a lifetime occupation.”

— Rudy Ruettiger

ERS is Awarded Specialty Contractor II Best in Class


Energy Rental Solutions Cat was awarded the Contractor’s Safety Award for Specialty Contractor II Best in Class at the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana Annual Banquet. Rudy Ruettiger, Notre Dame Walk On and inspiration for the film 'Rudy', was the guest speaker at the event and shared his story. He emphasized that working with determination, exceptional effort, and consistency is key to achieving your goals and as an organization, we strive to work at this level in all facets of the business.

With safety as a top priority at ERS, complacency is not an option. We continuously improve our safety program across the entire business to ensure we maintain the highest safety standard for our customers and partners.

ERS Safety Award

ERS Awarded Contractor’s Safety Award for Specialty Contractor II Best in Class at the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana Annual Banquet


Our Equipment

Power Generation

ERS CAT Emergency Power Solutions

ERS carries generator rentals from 20kW to 2000kW in single units and can also support larger power projects. In addition to utilizing CAT generators in our fleet, we provide expert service for delivery and installation. ERS also carries a variety of power generation accessories for your project needs.

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ERS Temperature Control Solutions

Our temperature control fleet ranges from chiller rentals and air conditioner rentals to dehumidifier rentals and cooling rentals. We also carry a complete line of temperature control accessories to provide turnkey solutions for your rental project.

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Energy Rental Solutions Air Compressor Rentals

As a leading supplier of rental air compressors throughout the Gulf Coast, ERS offers both diesel and electric air compressors as well as a range of compressed air accessories needed for your application.

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Electrical Distribution

ERS Electrical Distribution Equipment for Rent

ERS can design, deliver, and install an efficient and reliable electrical distribution system to meet your facility’s needs. This equipment can be rapidly installed and has great flexibility in configuration.


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