Why Rent Electrical Distribution Equipment?

October, 2022

Electrical distribution systems are used every day for businesses and projects that require power to keep them running smoothly. These systems work in several different ways to keep power secure, keep workers and job sites safe, and keep operations running during maintenance, outages, or downtime. It can be costly to purchase and maintain permanently installed units that you may only need for a short amount of time. Renting electrical distribution equipment offers flexibility, cost savings, and convenience.

Not sure if your project or facility needs electrical distribution? We have outlined what electrical distribution is, why it’s important, and how it can benefit your project in the article below.

What is Electrical Power Distribution?

Electrical Power Distribution is a critical piece of the delivery of electric power from the transmission lines (or power lines) to the load and can involve several types of equipment. Not only can electrical distribution equipment deliver power, but the equipment can also be used to alter voltage or provide safety protection.

Why is Electrical Distribution Equipment Important?

As mentioned above, this equipment is necessary to transport power to the destination where it will be used. Certain electrical distribution equipment also offers protection, safety, and efficiency. This equipment can protect wires from melting, creating a fire, or against power overloads and short-circuiting. Other types of equipment can be used as a means of isolation to shut off power to a particular area or unit and can even manipulate voltage to run your power more efficiently.


Rent Electrical Distribution Equipment from ERS CAT


What are the Types of Electrical Distribution Equipment?

There are several types of electrical distribution equipment that can safely distribute power in any environment, each serving a different purpose. ERS has a fleet of rental units available for each of the equipment types below depending on your application needs. Renting electrical distribution instead of buying can offer massive cost savings to your project. Plus, we offer 24/7/365 to provide support for your equipment needs.

ERS CAT Circuit Breaker Rentals

Electrical Circuit Breakers

When wires take on too many amps, they can melt or worse, cause a fire. Circuit breakers act as a means of protection to prevent system damage from overload or a short circuit. Circuit breakers also isolate power distribution in different areas in order to safely work in that area during maintenance.

ERS CAT Transformer Rentals

Electrical Transformers

Electrical transformers are designed to provide a reliable means to meet the voltage needs that arise in a variety of applications. Transformers can manipulate voltage up or down from the power source to the required voltage of an application.

ERS CAT Manual and Automatic Transfer Switch Rentals

Changeover Switches

Changeover switches quickly and safely transfer power from one source to another as a result of power interruptions. There are two different types of transfer switches, an automatic transfer switch, and a manual transfer switch.

An automatic transfer switch will automatically switch power from the utility to a backup power source during an outage, then return the connection to the utility when appropriate without any interaction. These units require a permanent backup power source on site and are beneficial for operations that cannot afford long periods of downtime during an outage.

A manual transfer switch requires an individual present to manually switch the power connection from the utility to the backup power source and back again once the utility power has been restored. These units can be more cost-effective and are generally used when there is a portable generator on site. Both our automatic and manual switches are lightweight and easy to deploy in temporary or long-term applications.

ERS CAT Common Bus Rentals

Common Bus Panels

Common bus panels are used to consolidate multiple wires or to feed multiple circuits. These units are especially helpful when a common point is needed in generator paralleling applications. These units can handle many amps and can safely tie in several connections providing one set of output wires for large loads.

ERS CAT Disconnect Switch Rentals


Disconnects provide a reliable means to quickly and safely isolate power sources for maintenance, testing, or emergency stoppage. Disconnect units can be an accessory to multiple generator rentals with I-Line panels. The units are lightweight and easy to use with a single safety throw/switch.

ERS CAT I-Line Panel Rentals

I-Line Panels

I-line panels feed electricity from a power source to a load and provide reliable customizable breaker configurations for your rental needs. I-Line panels enhance safety measures by interrupting power if amps exceed the desired rating. These panels are typically coupled with generator rentals for safety and isolation and are easy to deploy and install.

ERS CAT Motor Starter Rentals

Motor Starters

Motor starters can be safely and easily installed to enable motor starting during outages and other interruptions. In addition to powering motors on or off, this equipment also protects the motor from overload and limits the risk of injury to the operator. Motor starters also allow the operator to start a motor from a remote location, further enhancing safety measures.

ERS CAT Neutral Grounding Resistor Rentals

Neutral Grounding Resistors

Neutral Grounding Resistors limit the current that would flow through the neutral point of a transformer or generator in the event of an earth fault. These units offer an added layer of safety precaution and protection of equipment.



How Can Electrical Distribution Equipment Benefit My Project or Facility?

Electrical distribution equipment can add several benefits to a project or facility including mitigating risks and minimizing stoppages in operations. For example, adding an I-line panel with breaker configurations to isolate power during maintenance or installing an automatic transfer switch that will connect your system to a backup power source automatically during an outage. Here are a few ways electrical distribution can benefit your operations:


Each unit is unique in the way it distributes electricity safely and efficiently to protect project applications and workers. At a minimum, the use of electrical distribution equipment can prevent serious injury to personnel as well as prevent serious damage to essential equipment.


In the same way each unit provides a certain level of safety, the equipment is also used to offer an extra power supply to take over an operation in the event of an outage. Power failure is simply not an option for some businesses, and the use of electrical distribution equipment can be a solution.

Cost Efficiency

The addition of certain electrical distribution equipment can allow systems to run more efficiently improving overall energy usage. An electrical distribution package can also cut down on the number of generators necessary for a project which can reduce project costs.


Why ERS?

Energy Rental Solutions (ERS) can design, deliver, and install an efficient and reliable electrical distribution system to meet your facility’s specific needs. We have modern distribution equipment designed by expert technicians with the rental application in mind – ensuring the most cost-effective, and efficient, alternative available. This equipment can be rapidly installed and has great flexibility in configuration to provide our customers with creative options to safely distribute power in any environment.

Our equipment features UL-listed components, is designed for portability, and offers GFCI protection. We offer 24/7/365 product support services to help solve any challenges that arise to keep your operation up and running. Visit our Electrical Power Distribution page to learn more about our services and our equipment.


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