Cables, Ducts, and Hoses for Rent



ERS provides low and medium voltage as well as multiconductor cables in 25', 50’, 100’, and customized lengths. In addition to cables, we provide cable ramps to help secure loose cables and reduce hazards. Our cable types and sizes as well as cable ramp details are listed below.

Rent Cable from ERS CAT

Rent a Cable Ramp from ERS CAT

Low Voltage Cable Sizes Available

4/0 Single conductor 25' and 50' camlock 400amps/600V
2/5 50’ banded camlock 200amps/600V
4/4 50' and 100' bare end 115amps/2000V
6/4 50' and 100' bare end 87amps/2000V
8/4 50' and 100' bare end 65amps/2000V
10/4 50' and 100' bare end 30amps/600V

Medium Voltage Cable Size Available

4/0 Single conductor 50' camlock 400amps/15,000V

Cable Ramp Details

Dimensions 36" x 18.5" x 2.875"
Weight Capacity 28,420 lbs per axle
Channel Size 2.125"W x 2.125"H



We offer 25’ ducts in a range of sizes from 12” – 20” to circulate, deliver, and/or remove air from your heating and/or cooling system based on your project needs.

Rent Duct from ERS CAT

Duct Sizes Available

12" x 25' Duct
14" x 25' Duct
18" x 25' Duct
20" x 25' Duct
20" x 25' Insulated Duct





ERS supplies discharge and suction hoses for temperature control rental equipment in a range of sizes for your projects. In addition, we also provide 2” and 3” air hoses in a range of lengths for your air compressor project applications.


Temperature Control Equipment Hoses Available

Discharge Hoses 3”, 4”, 6” (Victaulic, Quick Connect, Flange)
Suction Hoses 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” (Victaulic, Quick Connect, Flange)

Air Compressor Hoses Available

2” x 10’ Air Hose (Boss)
2” x 25’ Air Hose (Boss)
2” x 50’ Air Hose (Boss)
3” x 10’ Air Hose (Boss)
3” x 25’ Air Hose (Boss)
3” x 50’ Air Hose (Boss)