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Energy Rental Solutions is a leading supplier of rental air compressors throughout the Gulf Coast. We supply the latest electric and diesel air compressor products in the industry with proven brands like Sullair, Atlas Copco, Hurricane, KMT, and Belaire. ERS can supply these units in trailer-mounted packages, high and low pressure – along with all the accessories needed for your application.

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Air Compressor Rentals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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At ERS we have technical air experts who can help you determine your specific air requirements. Whether your drying a pipeline, running a plant or testing systems, ERS has your air needs covered.

Temperature Control Rentals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Energy Rental Solutions offers a wide range of temperature control rental equipment specifically designed for the rental industry. This modern fleet includes chillers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and cooling in both skid-mounted and trailer-mounted configurations. We also carry a complete line of temperature control accessories to provide turnkey solutions for your rental project.

ERS can design, install, service and operate a custom temperature control solution to meet your specific rental needs. We have a dedicated staff of industry experts who can help our customers develop a solution that meets the demanding requirements of today’s operations. We can also help your team develop a contingency plan to decrease your downtime in the event of an emergency – or an unplanned increase in utilization needs.

Temperature Control Rental Categories

ERS can also analyze your process to identify bottlenecks or other inefficiencies that result from unwanted variations in temperature. We have been able to improve process efficiencies by providing additional cooling in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Power Generation Rental Solutions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Energy Rental Solutions can provide power rental solutions from 20kW to 2000kW in single units and up to 100MW in large power projects for industry or utility applications. We utilize Cat generators in our fleet and we offer the service and support that only an authorized dealer can provide to ensure the highest levels of service and reliability for our customers.

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We have experts who understand power generation for the rental market and they can develop a range of options to solve your power needs. This may include options for redundancy, longer fuel supply intervals, low emission natural gas units or remote operation. We can also help your team develop a contingency plan to decrease your downtime in an emergency.

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Rely on Energy Rental Solutions in Baton Rouge to help you enhance productivity, ensure safety, maximize profitability and keep your operations up and running no matter what obstacles or challenges face your organization.

Industries and Applications Served in Baton Rouge, La

  • Utility: Large Power Projects, Grid Stabilization, Contingency Power, Load Testing
  • Petrochemical: Plant Turnarounds, Plant Shutdowns, Process Cooling
  • Manufacturing: Plant Shutdowns, Emergency Power
  • Electrical: Contractor Rentals, Peak Shaving
  • Alternative Energy: Microgrids, Gas Generators
  • Entertainment: Event Power, Distribution
  • Communications: Remote Power
  • Healthcare: Backup Power, Load Testing