Circuit Breakers for Rent


Rent an Electric Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breakers

Energy Rental Solutions CAT offers a wide variety of electrical distribution equipment to safely distribute power for various industries' project applications. We carry a large inventory of breakers in our rental fleet that allows us to custom build circuit breaker panels with configuration packages that meet your specific job requirements. Our assortment of breakers consists of single pole, double pole, and three pole breakers.


Circuit Breaker Sizes Available

15 amp 200 amp
20 amp 225 amp
30 amp 250 amp
40 amp 275 amp
50 amp 300 amp
60 amp 400 amp
70 amp 500 amp
80 amp 600 amp
100 amp 800 amp
125 amp 1000 amp
150 amp 1200 amp
175 amp  



Fuses for Rent


Rent Fuses from Energy Rental Solutions-Cat


Fuses are protective devices used in electrical distribution systems to prevent excessive current flow and to protect electrical circuits and equipment from damage or fire hazards. They are designed to interrupt the flow of electrical current when it exceeds a certain level, known as the rated current or amperage. When the current passing through a fuse exceeds its rating, the fuse wire or element inside the fuse heats up and melts, breaking the circuit and stopping the flow of electricity. This action helps prevent electrical overloads, short circuits, and other faults from causing damage to the electrical system or connected devices.

Fuse Sizes Available

300 amp  
400 amp  
600 amp  
800 amp  
1000 amp  
1200 amp  
1600 amp  
2000 amp  
2500  amp  
3000 amp