1500kVA 480v/13,800v Transformer

Rent a 1500kVA 480v/13,800v Transformer

1500kVA 480V/13,800V Transformer

Our 1500kVA 480V/13800V transformer is designed for seamless power transformation. These 480V to 13800V fixed transformers are ideal for applications where a fixed voltage output is necessary. These transformers are purpose-built and are equipped with breaker connections on both the 480V and 13800V side of the transformer. The breakers allow for hard wire terminations and provide a means of isolation on both the 480V and 13800V side as well. Our transformers are tested prior to being shipped to ensure greater reliability, and dependable performance.


Key Data

Weight (lbs) 11000
Dimensions (D x W x H) (Inches) 66 x 123 x 102
Rating 1500kVA