CASE STUDY: Replacing Diesel to Electric Driven Oil Free Air Compressors


It is a common practice for industrial facilities to utilize diesel oil-free air compressors as a means of supplementing their compressed air equipment. These compressors are typically used to increase production or to compensate for the downtime of plant equipment during scheduled maintenance or unexpected failures. However, due to the highly volatile energy markets and the recent surge in diesel prices, the operational costs of diesel-driven air compressors can become exorbitant.

In response to this challenge, ERS-Cat was approached by a pulp and paper production mill located in the Gulf Coast area. The mill sought an alternative solution to the diesel air compressors that were currently being supplied by another industry provider. At present, the mill relies on over 15,000 cfm of diesel-driven air compressors to maintain an uninterrupted supply of air to support their production needs. Recognizing the financial burden imposed by the high operating costs of the diesel compressors, the mill turned to ERS-Cat to collaborate on devising a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative.


After conducting a site visit, ERS-Cat immediately identified a medium voltage power supply that could be utilized to operate a 3,000 cfm electric-driven oil-free air compressor package. Throughout the qualification phase of the proposal, ERS-Cat successfully demonstrated that by transitioning from diesel-driven to electric-driven compressors, the site stood to achieve substantial cost savings. It was estimated that the site would save approximately $100,000.00 per month, taking into account all rental and operational expenses. In addition to the significant cost benefits, the proposed change would also result in improved reliability and reduced service and maintenance requirements for the electric-driven package. This would enhance overall operational efficiency and minimize downtime, ultimately contributing to increased productivity and streamlined operations for the site.


Upon considering the proposal, the client made the decision to proceed with the initial change-out of the 3,000 cfm diesel air compressor package, replacing it with the electric air compressor package. The client immediately realized the cost benefits, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance requirements associated with the transition. As a result, the client expressed a strong interest in exploring options to replace the remaining diesel-operated equipment on-site with electric-driven machines. By implementing these changes, the site expects to achieve further cost savings and enhance operational efficiencies. This proactive approach towards adopting electric-driven equipment will not only result in financial advantages but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient operation overall.

ERS Replaces Diesel Oil Free Air Compressors with Electric Oil Free Air Compressors


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