CASE STUDY: Standby Production Power


A local pharmaceutical and biotech company had recently completed the construction of their new state-of-the-art facility, spanning 11 acres. This facility was anticipated to double the company's production capacity for viral gene and virally modified therapeutics. As part of this transition, the sister facility located in another area was being decommissioned, consolidating the entire production operation within the new facility. Given the critical nature of the production process, permanent backup generators were installed on-site. While some of these units were newly installed, a few were being repurposed from the old facility to the new site.

During the transitional period of ramping up and ramping down operations, the customer required temporary backup power at the new facility until the decommissioning of the old site was completed, allowing for the transfer of the available repurposed units. This rental was expected to be needed for a duration of 4-6 months. The customer's requirements called for 600 amps of 480V/3ph/60Hz power, which would tie into the customer's existing auto-transfer switch. After thorough assessment and evaluation, it was determined that an additional generator would be necessary to provide temporary standby power for a single day. This generator would serve as a backup while testing was conducted for the installation of the long-term rental power solution.


ERS-Cat successfully delivered two 500kW diesel generators to the site with just a 2-day notice. The onsite contractor leveraged their existing infrastructure to establish a connection between the long-term generator and the site's electrical system, utilizing underground conduits specifically designed for the placement of permanent units. As a result, the long-term generator had to be equipped with auto-start capabilities and 500MCM cable to facilitate the connection. On the other hand, the generator used for the one-day test required cam-lok connections and rental cable. Additionally, both generators were positioned on a moderately inclined surface, necessitating the adjustment of the landing gear to ensure proper leveling of the equipment.


The overall vetting process for the project was straightforward. The distinct requirements for the two units, including different configurations, staggered delivery, onsite instructions, and test observations, demanded meticulous attention to detail. Despite the tight timeline, Houston Operations successfully delivered as expected. The onsite contractor took charge of the setup and final connections, while our technician was present on-site to provide initial instructions to the contractor and later returned for the startup test. During this process, our technician was able to identify and rectify a few minor setup errors made by the contractor.

Following the completion of the test, the onsite contractor expressed their gratitude and commended ERS for our patience and valuable onsite support. Moreover, the Senior Electrical Project Manager involved in this application reached out a week later, introducing ERS to another project. This potential project has the potential to generate an additional $100,000 in revenue, demonstrating the satisfaction and trust the customer placed in our services.

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